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Talbot-Lago was a French automobile manufacturer that operated from 1916 to 1959. The company is known for their successful high-performance racing cars and for large luxurious passenger cars after the second World War. Today, Talbot-Lago cars have become highly-coveted at various auctions around the world.


Tatra is a Czech vehicle manufacturer in Kopřivnice. It is owned by the Tatra Trucks company, based in Ostrava, and is the third oldest company in the world producing cars with an unbroken history. The company is known for partnering with MTX (a Czech small automaker) to develop the MTX Tatra V8 supercar in 1991.

Tauro Sport

Tauro Sport Auto was a Spanish manufacturer of luxury sports cars based in founded in 2010. Their most popular model is the Tauro V8 which is based on the chassis of the Pontiac Solstice.



TechArt is a German automobile tuner of Porsche cars. The company was founded in 1987 by Thomas Behringer and has been offering extensive tuning packages for all Porsche cars since then.

Technical Studio

Technical Studio is a French car company that builds personalized vehicles that are made to order. The company credited for introducing the TS07 at the 2007 Paris Motor Show with only 12 units expected to be made.


Tein is a Japanese manufacturer of high performance aftermarket parts. The company also offers performance packages for different kinds of Honda cars.


Tesla is an American automotive and energy company and is one of the premier manufacturers of plug-in passenger cars in the world. The company currently sells Model S, Model X, and Model 3 cars and is accepting reservations for their upcoming new models the Model Y, Roadster (2020), Cybertruck, and Semi vehicles.

John Teverbaugh and Robert Kirkland partnered together to develop a unique sports car they called Teverbaugh & Kirkland Bonneville Special in 1957. The Boneville Special ran the Bonneville salt flats from 1957 to 1959 and was considered to be an innovative race car in terms of design, style, and engineering at that time.

Thomas Flyer

Thomas Motor Company was a manufacturer of motorized bicycles, motorized tricycles, motorcycles, and automobiles including the 1907 Thomas Flyer Model 35. The Thomas Flyer Model 35 was famous for having won the 1908 New York to Paris Race which was the first and only around-the-world automobile race ever held in the world.

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Tiger Racing is a kit car manufacturer established in 1989 by Jim Dudley. The company is credited for developing the 2001 Tiger Z100 Mk1 which claimed the title of fastest production car in the world at that time.


Toyota Motorsport GmbH or simply TMG is the motorsport division of Toyota Motor Corporation. It provides motorsport and automotive services to various Toyota companies and also undertakes production vehicle analysis and development services on behalf of Toyota to outside clients. The company also develops high-performance vehicles like the road-legal electric vehicle, TMG EV P001, set a new lap record for an electric vehicle at the Nürburgring Nordschleife of 7mins 47.794secs in 2011.


TOM’S is a factory supported racing team and tuner of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The name stands for Tachi Oiwa Motor Sport. Their head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. They are currently heavily involved with Super GT, Super Formula and Japanese Formula 3. The company creates aftermarket parts for current Toyota vehicles, and have also created their own special edition from existing Lexus models.


Tommykaira was a Japanese car tuning and manufacturing company founded on May 1, 2002 and headquartered in Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan. The company was named after its two founders, Yoshikazu Tomita and Kikuo Kaira. Some of Tommykaira's custom cars have appeared in both the Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport racing simulation video game series like the 2002 Tommy Kaira R Series X.


Toray Industries is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in industrial products centered on technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. The company recently diversified in the automobile industry with the introduction of Toray TEEWAVE AR.1 in 2011, a prototype electric sports car.


Toyota is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer and is currently the second largest automaker in the world. The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 and since then has produced a wide variety of automobiles including sports cars, luxury vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Toyota is also the leader in global sales of hybrid electric vehicles.

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Trabant was an automobile which was produced from 1957 to 1990 by former East German car manufacturer VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau. The marque was considered as one of the symbols of East Germany before its collapse. Trabant managed to sold a number of cars from 1957 to 1990. Trabant also gained a following among car tuning and rally racing enthusiasts.


Atelier Tramontana is a Spanish sports car manufacturer known for introducing the Tramontana Car, a mid-engined sports car. The company was unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show as a concept car and started its production in 2007 with only 6 units made a year.


TranStar Racing is an American automotive group known for introducing the Transtar Dagger GT in 2010. The company is currently developing the high-performance sports car and is designed for the sole purpose of becoming the world's fastest production car.


Trident is a British boutique car maker notable for introducing the 2014 Iceni Magna, the fastest and most efficient diesel sports car in the world. The company has also built other unique British GT sports cars over the years like the 2001 Trident Iceni.


Trion Supercars is an American supercar manufacturer located in California, U.S. It was founded in 2012 by American automotive engineer Richard Patterson. The company is currently developing the Nemesis. The Nemesis will be offered in several different variations, in its most extreme form it is planned to be a 2000+ horsepower supercar.


The Triumph Motor Company was a British car and motor manufacturing company established in 1885. The company was originally an importer of bicycles before it started producing automobiles. Triumph was known for their expensive cars such as the Triumph Southern Cross and Gloria in the 1930s as a way to compete against larger car companies at that time.

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Tucker Corporation was an ultra innovative car company that was known for being one of the first challengers of the big three American auto manufacturers. The company is known for developing the Tucker 48 convertible.

Turbo Technics

Turbo Technics is a British company that specialises in automotive turbochargers and associated turbo equipment. Founded in 1981 by Geoff Kershaw, Turbo Technics is a world-class company, acting as consultants to major car manufacturers, engine designers and race teams in their quest to achieve the best from turbochargers. The company is also known to produce unique high performance engine conversions applicable to both the 300 series and 3.2 litre E series models.


Turcat-Méry was a French motor manufacturer from 1899 until 1928. The company was known for producing cars that were dubbed as ‘The Car of the Connoisseur’ such as the 1920 Turcat-Méry PJ6 Million-Guiet Skiff which was exclusively built for the Duke of Montpensier at that time.

Turner Motorsport

Turner Motorsport is one of the largest BMW performance tuning facilities in North America. The company has exclusively raced BMW models professionally since 1998, including the BMW 3 Series , BMW M3 coupes, and the M6 in the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.


Tushek Supercars is an automotive company manufacturing cars and developing technology. The company specializes in developing light super cars such as Tushek TS500, Tushek TS600, and the Tushek TS900 Apex which was recently unveiled in 2018.


TVR is an independent British manufacturer of high-end sports cars. The company manufactures lightweight sports cars with powerful engines and was, at one time, the third-largest specialized sports car manufacturer in the world, offering a diverse range of coupés and convertibles.

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